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I understand and agree to adhere to the General Policies for Presenters, including the proper or required content of slides. (Refer to link in instructions above.)

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I intend to register for the ACHA Annual Meeting as a:

Please provide complete information in this section, as presenter qualifications factor heavily in the decision-making process of the program planners and continuing education reviewers.

List your completed academic degree(s), institution where the degree was earned, and major or specialty area. (e.g., PhD, ABC University, clinical psychology). Also list current professional certifications (e.g., CHES, APN, LPC).

(Example: I have been the principal or co-principal of multiple federally-funded grants focusing on the epidemiology of drug abuse, HIV prevention, and co-occurring mental and drug use disorders. Among my scientific interests has been the development of strategies for preventing HIV and STDs in out-of-treatment drug users.)

Bio statement must state content expertise. Please submit your biographical qualification statement below. Also include any relevant academic appointments, involvement in professional organizations, and/or awards/honors received. Limit 75 words.

I am qualified to give this specific presentation because:

ACHA is obligated to the organizations that grant us CE accreditation/approval to ensure that all educational activities are developed and presented with independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor. It is our responsibility to ensure that they are free from promotion of specific goods or services, and that they are free from actual or potential bias.

I have read, fully understand, and agree to adhere to the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Guidelines. (Refer to the link in the instructions at the top of the page.)

Required Disclosure: During the past 12 months have you, or your spouse or partner had a financial, professional or personal relationship (including self-employment and sole proprietorship) with a commercial interest (as defined in the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Guidelines).

If you answered yes above, list the full company name and the specific relationship(s) below.

By typing my name below, I am providing my electronic signature indicating that all the information entered in this Program Submission Form is accurate. I further attest that I will not promote any products, goods, or services, or bias the educational activity in any manner.

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