Artist Applications June 2018

This is for our records, insurance and other legalities. If you are applying to be a location, fill out the appropriate section as well.

Select Yes or No. If "No," please fill out Studio Address below.

Must be within our boundaries.

This applies for your location as well, otherwise your studio will be listed by your last name. Only commercial locations can use this exception, not home studios.

(One link for users to view your art, exhibits, or articles about you. Can be any site, but a personal website is preferred.)

To be listed on the booklet and website other than by Primary Medium.

Example: "Watercolor Artist" instead of "Painting," or "Painter/Sculpture" if multi-disciplinary. There is a 35 letter maximum.)

Please submit up to 3 recent images that best represent your artwork/craft, plus an optional headshot or studio shot.

• FORMAT: High Quality JPEG

•SIZE: Minimum of 8" or 950 pixels in at least one direction.

• FILE NAMES: last name-first name-number-title.jpg. Example: "Gothard-Patrick-1-Sunset.jpg" (# 1 indicates your preferred choice.)

ª HEADSHOT FILE NAME: Your "full name-headshot.jpg"

Select your photos, and upload. You may have to submit one at a time, depending on your browser. 2 MB per photo limit. Continue to fill out form, and hit the Submit button at the end.

(If you haven't exhibited anywhere, leave blank.)

This section is for those planning to be a location on the Tour, if within the area boundaries. If you are an exhibiting artist that can't host, please skip this section.

Please be specific, whether outdoors, indoors, wall/table if available, etc.

(If known, and mutually consented. They still have to apply and be approved.)

(If you aren't within our boundaries, you may still exhibit, and we will assist in finding you a location.)

How much space would you like? Do you have your own display walls, easels, pedestals, etc.? Please be specific, so we can help find an appropriate location.

If you are a location, you must be open both days. If you are a guest artist, you may exhibit one day if necessary.

Please list your 3 submissions in order by:
1. Title, Dimensions in Inches, Medium.
Example: "Sunset," 24"x36", oil on canvas.

65 words or less. Make a case why the public should visit you! See below for example.

Check all that apply. These will be shown as icons for each location.

One sentence only, such as "Will have live music by Jazz Zone on Sun., 2-5pm" "Will be doing painting demos," etc. This is if you have more specific info or other events planned. (See example of Guidebook artist page.)

150 words or less. Note: We reserve the right to edit for length or clarity purposes.

(If you are unable to volunteer, an additional $50.00 fee is required.)

This will assist in finding a mutually beneficial volunteer role.

Please check box below to receive an email confirmation. If checked, and you don't receive it within 12 hours, please contact the

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