ISU I-Corps Site Program Application

Required fields are indicated with a red *

Please provide the name, position, academic department and email address for each team member.

There is a limit of five members per team; Academic Leads may participate on only one team per cohort.

Participation in all sessions by the Academic Lead and Entrepreneurial Lead is mandatory. Participants are encouraged to include an undergraduate student as a second entrepreneurial lead.

(Optional; a mentor is not required for participation in the program.)

(Optional, participants are encouraged to include an undergraduate student as a second entrepreneurial lead.)

Please briefly list the scientific or technical area for the project (e.g. engineering, materials science, life science).

Please check the appropriate box to indicate whether an invention disclosure has been submitted to the Iowa State University Research Foundation.

An invention disclosure is not a prerequisite for participation in the ISU I-Corps Site program. However, if an invention disclosure has not yet been made on the innovation, a conversation with the Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer is recommended prior to the start of the program.

In no more than 500 words, please provide a project narrative that addresses the following questions:

• What is the problem you would like to solve that will benefit society based on your research and development?
• Describe your main idea and approach to solve this problem.
• Why is it novel? What are the innovative claims both on the approach and solution?
• What is the current state of your research?
• What is your plan to make a transition into the marketplace?
• Are there any technology gaps that require further research?
• What will be the composition of your business team?
• Has the “idea” been publicly disclosed? (For example, has it been published or presented at a conference, lab meeting, or departmental seminar, or listed as part of a website? Has the concept been patented or has a patent application been applied for?)

Applications with a project narrative greater than 500 words may be returned without review.

In the space below, please briefly describe your anticipated deliverables if your team is selected to participate in the program.

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