Do you want to tell us about a good experience you had with one of our services or someone who works here?

Do you have some suggestions about areas for improvement or things that are missing?

Do you have a complaint or concern about one of our services? You can make a complaint if you think we:
* didn’t comply with law or guidelines;
* didn’t meet appropriate standards of care;
* put someone's safety at risk;
* or did something which was unhelpful or upsetting to you or someone you know.

If you're not sure, call us on 02 6230 6999 (office hours) or email to

We’d like to hear from you. We're always looking for ways to do better, and complaints are just as important as appreciation in helping us improve our services. If we could have done something better, your comments are important to us.

And you don't have to give your name.

you can contact us:

• DIRECTLY - call 6230 6999 or visit our office (3.01 Griffin Centre, 20 Genge Street, Civic) to speak to the person you want - the worker or their supervisor, or the Senior Manager.

- write a note or complete a paper form at the EveryMan office, and put it in the COMPLAINTS AND FEEDBACK box
- ask the office for a worker's email address
- write a letter to us at GPO Box 1753 ACT 2601

If you prefer, write directly to EveryMan's Board - make sure to address your letter like this:

Board of Directors,
EveryMan Australia Inc
GPO Box 1753

Please note: if you don't mark your letter 'Confidential' it will be read by the Executive Director.

When we receive a complaint about a staff member, we usually inform them about it as part of taking action to improve services or stop inappropriate behaviour from occurring again.

We also do this because as employers, we need to observe principles of natural justice and give them a chance to give their version of events.

If a program needs to make changes to the way it does things as a result of your complaint, a small number of management or program staff may need to know what you've said, if that's needed to address specific issues.

If you don't want that to happen, please let us know when you submit your complaint. If you don't want to have a specific person know about your complaint, please let us know.

You can also tell us you don't want us to do anything directly with your complaint, if you're worried that the other person might guess that you've contacted us if we raise the issues you're concerned about.

Restrictions on who we can tell may limit what we can do to take action to address your concerns, but we will do what we can.

This includes this report, and any emails or text messages you send us.

You don't have to give us any personal information about you in this section, but we do need some details if you want to be contacted.

Please separate number into parts, e.g. 0400 222 333

Please separate number into parts, e.g. 6200 2222

We'll start with things like the date and time, where it happened, and who was there, then you can tell us what actually happened.

If it was a specific event, your best guess is ok.

What actually happened, who said what, who did what, your reactions, what you think about it now.

What are three main things you'd like to point out - if you haven't already mentioned them in what you've just written.

Would you like us to contact you and let you know what we're doing with your complaint or feedback?

please let us know why.

Do you have any comments or suggestions about improving this form or our complaints procedures?

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