Spring 2018 FLEX Call for Proposals

The Flex Day Planning Committee is seeking proposals for the upcoming Professional Development Day scheduled for Friday, February 23, 2018. The day will begin with an opening meeting which will include an exciting guest speaker, followed by three breakout sessions. Any employee can propose a session. You will be asked to identify one of three formats for your session when you submit your proposal: traditional workshops, theme threaded sessions, or collaborative interdepartmental workgroups.

* A traditional workshop is a learning activity scheduled within one session.

* A theme-threaded proposal runs through all three breakout sessions and includes a traditional workshop plus deeper work in the topic areas, such as a group activity, planning session, student panel, review and analysis of data, and/or applied work with colleagues. For example, a threaded theme on LGBTQ+ populations could include history and data in Session 1, a group activity/discussion in Session 2, and follow-up with an idea generating/problem-solving/take action forum for Session 3.

* A collaborative interdepartmental workgroup provides the time and opportunity for two or more departments/disciplines to plan or advance a collaborative project (i.e. a session with Photography and Aeronautics to learn about drones and discuss appropriate curriculum approaches across both disciplines). You can apply to utilize one, two, or all three breakout sessions.

Example: If you are proposing a themed-thread mark all three.

Provide a brief (under 100 word) description of your proposed workshop, themed-thread, or interdepartmental workgroup. Please note that this short description will be used in all program and publicity materials.

* If proposing a themed-thread, please provide a description for each session.
* If proposing an interdepartmental workgroup, please provide which departments will be collaborating, the topic, and workgroup activities planned.

Please provide at least two desired learning outcomes.

These are the Flexible Calendar Categories

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