MPSC - Field Trip Request Form: Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Thank you for your interest in visiting Morehead Planetarium and Science Center! We look forward to the opportunity to serve your school/group. Note that groups must have at least 10 total members to book a reservation.

Please fill out the following form to let us know about your group, group size, desired dates, and which programs you are interested in seeing.

This form is used for both general group reservations and school reservations, so if you are a private group / household, you are in the right place. If a question applies only to school groups, you will either be able to skip the question or put N/A as your answer.

After submitting, our Reservations staff will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss our scheudle and work to get your school/group reserved!

Indicate your group type.

If so, please put YOUR COMPANY's information in the School/Group Name, Phone number, and Billing/Mailing address fields, NOT the information for the school/group you represent. Please share the name of the school or group you are bringing in the "additional information" field at the end of the form.

This should be a main-line number for a school office, or primary contact number for your organization or business.

# Street
City, State ZIP

For role, examples include: lead teacher, principal, finance admin etc.

This contact will be copied on your invoice. Please list a billing or administrative contact (not yourself) for your school or organization. (Households and Home Schools can leave this question blank).

Please provide a name and cell-phone number of a day-of contact person for your group (i.e. someone that will be on the bus/coming with the group but not driving).

Morehead offers multiple scholarship opportunities to cover some or even all of the costs of your school's visit, potentially including lunches and/or transportation costs. Most scholarships are based on reduced lunch enrollment rates, or Title I funding. If your school is considered eligible for one of our scholarships, we will award your school whichever scholarship best matches your school's qualifications.

If your school qualifies for a scholarship, but there are no funds available, we will let you know. If funds become available, which is very rarely, we will offer them to schools who qualified and still have not visited in the order they were requested.

Please include ALL adults on your visit, including: teachers, parents, chaperones, and other adults.

Children: 3-12yrs. Students: K-12 (inc. homeschools) or valid Student ID (Incl. college). Seniors: 60yrs +

For example: 3rd, 4th, & 5th.

Include things like accessibility/wheelchair needs, environmental concerns for those with mental or developmental impairments, etc.

Morehead is closed on Mondays, and weekend field trips have limited availability.

Morehead is closed on Mondays, and weekend field trips have limited availability.

Morehead is closed on Mondays, and weekend field trips have limited availability.

Keep in mind our shows start at the bottom half of the hour (i.e. 10:30), last 45 minutes, and we recommend getting to Morehead at least 15-20 minutes before your first show. Our first shows start at 9:30AM, and our last start at 3:30PM.

Morehead offers three distinct program options for field trips and reservations during the school year: Planetarium Shows (the primary program), plus Science Stage Shows and Discovery Classes (secondary programs). The planetarium shows are held in our Full-Dome Theater, and seats 220, the Science Stage seats 75, and our two Discovery Classrooms seat 30 each (60 total at one time).

Most schools/groups choose a planetarium show and one secondary program for their students, but you can mix and match as many of each program as you wish. We recommend schools select at least one planetarium show, rather than only secondary programs, especially for large groups, as students can be disappointed they don't get to see a show in the Full-Dome Theater.

Below, select your most preferred show/program for each of the Planetarium, Science Stage, and Discovery Class, or indicate none if your school/group isn't interested in the program. If you are interested in more than one program type (i.e. seeing two planetarium shows), or if you only want to see one of a certain program but would be interested in one of many options, there is space below these questions to elaborate.

To learn more about our Planetarium shows:

To learn more about our Science Stage shows:

To learn more about our Discovery Classes:

Recommended grade levels in parentheses.

Recommended grade levels in parentheses.

Recommended grade levels in parentheses.

In general, we do not recommend a group see more than 3 programs in one day. Remember that each program is booked to 1 hour blocks starting at the bottom of the hour - be sure to save time for lunch, touring our free exhibits, or visiting the Gift Shop.

If unsure of show choice, share what your students are studying or what topics you want to emphasize during your visit; we can recommend certain shows based on this information.

The lot in front of Morehead Planetarium is University owned & operated, space is limited, and parking is charged an hourly rate. Schools and large groups may unload buses or large passenger vans in front of the building before parking elsewhere. Buses may not park at Morehead, but can be parked on South Campus or off-campus at University Mall. Morehead can shuttle bus drivers to and from these parking locations up to 2PM on weekdays during the school year. For more information about parking at Morehead, visit our website:

Please check the box below and list your email in the next field to get a copy of your completed request form emailed to you.

Once you hit submit, your form will be automatically sent to our staff within 5 minutes. We will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your reservation request. Our office hours are 8AM - 4PM, Monday - Friday. In the meantime, direct questions via email to, or call Morehead's main line at 919.962.1236 and ask for a Reservations Staff member.

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