Institutional Research Reporting Request

NYU-OIR uses this form for handling and tracking data requests by internal and external organizations. We appreciate your use of this form for all requests. The NYU-OIR team meets weekly to review new requests and assess with our project schedule. Upon review of your request, we will follow up via email with the status of your project, additional questions and an approximate timeline for completion. Data requests are prioritized according to institutional need, and certain data requests may require additional approval. It may be necessary to meet with you if your project requires substantial resources.

We do not supply data for student research requests

Business requirements as it relates to actual report criteria (i.e. terms if specifying AY2016, codes, etc.)
For mailings or sharing data w/3rd party vendors – indicate if current & existing contract/agreement is available and to have them attached with submission form.

Please note the preferred delivery time is not guaranteed.

Please note the preferred delivery time is not guaranteed

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