2019 Award for Distinguished Service to NAFSA in honor of Homer Higbee - Nomination


Please use this form to submit your nomination for the 2019 Award for Distinguished Service to NAFSA in honor of Homer Higbee. Before submission, please review the requirements for both nominators and nominees. Note that nominations that do not comply with the award criteria or nomination procedures will not be considered.

Requirements for Nominators:
- The primary nominator must be a NAFSA member.
- Nominations must present clear evidence of the nominee's achievements in the areas mentioned below.
- Nominations must be supported by a minimum of two additional nominations, each from a NAFSA member addressing a different perspective on the nominee’s accomplishments. These additional nominations must be from different institutions, knowledge communities and NAFSA regions.
- Individuals may not self-nominate.

Requirements for Nominees:
- Must be a NAFSA member.
- Must have donated at least ten years of distinguished service to the Association and should be continuing as an active NAFSAn
- Current members of the NAFSA Board of Directors, Membership Committee, Awards Subcommittee, and NAFSA staff are not eligible for consideration.

Nominees must have documented accomplishments in all three of the areas below:
-Demonstrated expertise and commitment to the field by acting as a professional mentor to colleagues in two or more NAFSA knowledge communities
- Inspired other international educators through mentoring, publications, and service to NAFSA which has benefited two or more knowledge communities
- Continues to serve in a variety of associational leadership positions, both elected and appointed, where they can influence and encourage the professional development of others

Select your primary Knowledge Community.

Select your NAFSA Region.

Please upload two letters from other nominators supporting the nomination of this candidate for the Award for Distinguished Service to NAFSA in honor of Homer Higbee.

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