Opera Australia Employee Grievance Form - Confidential

Opera Australia (OA) is committed to providing a safe, harmonious and supportive environment for all workers – free from unfair treatment, discrimination, harassment, and bullying. OA recognises the right of all its employees to voice their grievances and seek a solution to it. OA is committed to providing fair and impartial grievance resolution through accountable, timely and transparent decision making processes.

Grievances: concerns or complaints about another team member’s behaviour or an incident, judgement, issue, situation, policy, procedure or work practice.

1. Have you attempted to resolve this grievance with the Respondent?
2. Have you raised this grievance with your manager, supervisor, or senior manager?

Please proceed if you have attempted both Options 1 and 2.

This form is used to report Workplace Grievances. The form is used for all workers.

All data entered into this form is submitted to the Human Resources team for further action, if required. All grievances are handled confidentially, and within a reasonable timeframe of 10 working days, unless the matter is high risk and requires urgent attention.

Should you require any assistance with completing this form, please contact Bill Koukoumas (02 9318 8399) or Nitya Ramaswamy (02 9318 8227).

For further information regarding the Grievance Policy and Procedure, please refer to the Policy available on the OA Intranet.

What and how and grievance / incident occurred. Provide as much detail as possible, including dates, witnesses, and discussions. Also include any actions you took, and any discussions you have had with your manager/supervisor.

Please provide all eyewitnesses' names, job titles, and contact numbers. If no eyewitnesses, please insert N/A.

Please indicate whether you would like a member of the Human Resources team to contact you regarding this grievance, and a resolution process.

Please upload any additional documents such as emails, photographs, conversations, and transcripts of discussions that you believe will aid in achieving a resolution.

For further information and/or support, please contact either Bill Koukoumas (02 9318 8399) or Nitya Ramaswamy (02 9318 8227) in Human Resources.

To avail Opera Australia's Employee Assistance Program, which provides profession and confidential counselling services, please contact 1300 361 008. This service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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