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This form is designed to solicit feedback from the public on the condition and maintenance of City-owned properties throughout Wichita. By completing this form, you are helping to make Wichita and more beautiful place, thank you!

Select which type of comment you are submitting from the dropdown menu.

Enter the name of the person reporting the comment, if you would like.

Enter an email address and/or phone number that the reporting person can be contacted at by Park Dept. staff, if you would like.

Select the type of property that this comment is in reference to from the dropdown menu.

Describe the location of the property so that it can be identified by Park staff. Helpful information might include the name of a park, the nearest cross streets, nearest landmarks, or cardinal direction indicators (north, south, etc.).

Provide the details of your compliment, concern or suggestion below.

Upload an image of the property, if available.

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