Professor Olsen's Extra Credit Options

Take advantage of some or all of the extra credit opportunities to further work on your active learning, engagement, and community building skills. You can submit your assignments all at once or over a series of multiple submissions. All extra credit opportunities are due by the last day of classes of the semester by 12PM (noon) EST.

Networking is key in the professional world. You never know who you may meet. For this assignment, attend a local networking session in person on a topic of your choice related to your dream in progress. Submit a PDF that includes the following:

o A minimum of five photos of the event/people who you networked with (students and/or professionals)

o A one-page photo document reflection that includes the images of at least five business cards that you received at the event, the website for the event, as well as the five photos taken at the event (which were requested above).

o Create a Video Blog (VLOG) post in under two minutes that highlights the event you attended, who you met, how it will help you on your entrepreneurial journey towards your dream in progress, what you took from the event, etc...

Make a difference by paying it forward! Plant the seeds of entrepreneurship in your network via a written or video testimonial that can be used for marketing.

o Written Testimonial: Create a written testimonial from the course/workshop/session and upload your completed testimonial here:

o Video Testimonial: Create a 30-60 second value recap video from the course/workshop/session. Directions and the location for your submission can be found here:

Entrepreneurship is everywhere! I value your entrepreneurial experiences outside of our educational time together. Share what you are working on so I can learn more about your entrepreneurial experiences. Submit a PDF that includes the following:

o Your business plan and/or website for the business/project you are working on.

o Marketing collateral and additional details on your business that showcase your work.

o A one-page, single-spaced reflection on how this course/workshop/session has helped take your business/project to the next level. This shows me the application of our educational work together on your entrepreneurial journey.

Seed the Bloom and help give back to the local community. Select a cause and volunteer your time in service to the community. Ensure that the organization you are volunteering with articulates a want/need that you can meet. Each hour is worth one point. You can volunteer up to 20 hours over the course of the semester. Submit a PDF that includes the date/time that you completed the hours, information (contact details) of your supervisor so the hours can be verified, and a signature from your supervisor that shows the hours were completed.

The reflection submission is worth 20 points. For the reflection submission, please create a document that is between two and five single-spaced pages that addresses the following (inspired by Jacoby's Service-Learning Essentials book):
1. Outline the cause
2. Describes the mission and vision of the organization (website, details on the organization, etc.)
3. Provide a recap of the dates/times you volunteered and a picture of the signature from the supervisor (including contact information) and reflections from those specific experiences.
4. Addresses the following reflection questions and action steps moving forward:
o What did you bring to the experience? How much effort were you willing to bring forth? How open are you to learning?
o How did the experience make you feel? How do you think overs felt?
o What assumptions and expectations did you bring to the experience? What assumptions and expectations do you think others brought about you?
o How did your experience reveal your values, attitudes, and biases? How did it reinforce or challenge your values, attitudes, and biases?
o How have you changed as a result of the experiences? How will these changes affect your future behavior?
o Who needs to understand the problem better and be convinced to make a change?
o What stance to local and/or national politicians take on the issue?
o Are there assets in the community that are not being tapped?
o If the organization continued on its mission, would the problem go away eventually? Why? Why not?
o How can you apply this experience in your journey moving forward?

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