ACNS Project Request Form

This information on this form will be used by the Advisory Committee for Academic Applications. The committee is charged with prioritizing projects based on the information provided on this form and available resources to deliver this project. The more information you provide, the better the committee will be able to evaluate your request. When you submit this form, it will be routed to the ACNS Project Manager who will work with the affected teams to estimate the work needed to complete the request. The form will then be queued for evaluation by the ACAA. You will receive an acknowledgement that the form was received, another acknowledgement that the project was accepted or rejected and will be contacted with the target dates for completion.

Please enter the name of the primary contact for the project

Please enter the name of your department

Please enter the phone number of the primary contact

Please enter the email address of the primary contact

Please enter the name(s) of the project sponsor(s)

Please enter any stakeholders that will be affected by this project

Why is this needed? What business functions, or problems will this project address?

Define the deliverables and requirements of this project

Outline any measurable indicators that can be evaluated to determine the success of this project

Are you aware of any costs associated with this project? Do you have or know of any funding sources for these costs?

How will this project impact other groups (e.g., faculty, students, staff, other departments, etc)

Will this help solve a business problem, or fix a broken system?

List any strategic goals that this project will address

Does this project require data from other systems? If so, please list these systems.

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