Existing Faculty Profile Update

See our resource page for full details about this form and process.


If you have any additional questions, please email us at webservices@usfca.edu.

Please link to the existing Faculty profile so we know where to make edits.

Any updates to the following fields will be made in Web Services' weekly Faculty updates.

Please only fill out a field if you need changes to that field on your current profile.

Select the Schools/Colleges within USF that you teach in.

Please indicate which program's faculty lists you should be appearing on or if you should be removed from any. If the program is offered as both a graduate and undergrad degree, please specify which you need to be added or removed from.

Example: Professor, Adjunct Professor, Academic Director

Please adhere to the following format:

- UC Berkeley, MA in Education, 2006
- Boston College, BA in History, 2004

Provide a brief list (3-5 entries) of former professional titles. Please adhere to the following format. Do not include dates.

- Adjunct Professor in History, UC Berkeley
- Director of Communications, San Francisco History Center

Please list your 3-5 most recent or notable publications

List 3-5 notable appointments from the past 5 years. Please adhere to the following format:

- Co-Chair, University Academic Integrity Committee
- Co-Chair, Rhetoric and Language Curriculum Committee

List 3-5 of your most recent or most prestigious awards. Please adhere to the following format:

- University of San Francisco Professor of the Year, 2018
- Emerson College Alumni of the Year, 2016

List 3-5 areas of research. Please adhere to the following format:

- Global health
- Tropical medicine

List 3-5 areas of expertise. Please adhere to the following format:

- Poetry
- Literary Studies
- American Indian studies

If you input your SSRN number, we will add a link pointing to your SSRN page.

Please indicate your current position(s) for your program. Most programs list their faculty by full-time or part-time so if you want to be listed for that program, make sure you select one of those.

This phone number will appear on your profile. Do not use your cell phone unless you are okay with it appearing on the site.

Building and room number

Please list any social media accounts you want to share, your blog, or any other personal website you want listed on your profile.

CV's are subject to web accessibility guidelines and must be made accessible before being sent to Web Services. Please contact us at webservices@usfca.edu for more information about web accessibility.

Photos should be at least 300x300 pixels and meet all of the requirements on the main faculty update process resource page: https://myusf.usfca.edu/marketing-communications/resources/faculty-update-process

Any updates to the following section are subject to copyediting by an OMC Staff Copywriter. They will review your submission and may work with you directly on any necessary changes.

Your bio should be around 150 words, no longer than two paragraphs, and in third-person. Anything longer will be edited by an OMC Copy Editor. Keep in mind that your education, experience, and research interests will be provided in list form if you entered that information above.

This helps us fine-tune your bio.

This helps us fine-tune your bio.

These can be anything you'd like that would lend color to your bio: your favorite restaurant/activity/location in San Francisco, your hidden hobby, family information, etc.

Any non-standard extra sections you would like added. These will be reviewed and added on a case by case basis.

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