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Got a great idea for a new product? This form is the way to share it with the digital product team.

Completing the form will take some time, thought, and preparation - and that's by design. We want to make sure that your idea will drive revenue, will have a strong ROI, and will be maintainable over the long term. The more detail you're able to provide, the better we will be able to help you make this idea into a reality.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, fill out this form, and tell us your idea!

What's your idea?

Describe the customer in one sentence
Who is the core customer?
Who are non-customers (rejecting, potential)?
What are the market segments?
What is the customer persona?

As it relates to your idea, list up to 6 advantages that Lee has over our competitors.
What knowledge,skills or talent can we provide that our competitors cannot?
What comparable advantage can competitors not provide?
If the customer did not choose us, what alternatives would they use?

What are you trying to accomplish with your idea?
What need does this idea satisfy for the end-user?
Is the customer aware of that need?
Is the customer aware of its importance?
Are competitors aware of the problem?
How has the customer solved that problem before?

How will we measure the success of this idea? List up to 4 Key Performance Indicators.
What are the success metrics the customer will use to measure this product?
What are the success metrics the customer uses to measure their business?
What are the success metrics Lee will use to measure this product?

What features will the solution need to achieve its goal?
What are the deliverables?
How would these appear in an request for proposal (RFP) to vendors?

What applications would Lee use to execute your idea?
Do you know of any applications we already have that could execute this idea? If so, what are they?
What expenses do you anticipate would be needed to execute this idea?
Is this a solution we would build or buy?
Would the benefits of this solution outweigh the expenses of building it?
Do the applications address the required capabilities?
What are the risks and fail points?
How complex is the system?
What technical maintenance is required?
How would these appear in a P&L?

List up to 6 tiered packages that achieve the product goal and capabilities.
What are our product tiers?
What is the market reach potential for each package?
What is the sum maximum revenue for each package?
How would these appear in a P&L?

Describe in a single, clear, compelling message what makes Lee different and why would this solution be something our customers would buy.

Once this solution is up and running, how will it be managed?
What type of resources will be needed?
What are the costs of using these resources?
Does the potential value justify these costs and the use of these resources?
Do we have the right resources to achieve the capabilities we want for this solution?
What are the potential risks and fail points?
What maintenance or upkeep will be needed?
How would this appear on a P&L?

How will the customer interact with both Lee and the solution?
How will the customer attribute their success to the solution?
How are customers accessing the solution?
What are the touch points with the solution?
How do we foster the relationship for retention and offer additional services?

Please upload any supporting files here.

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