CSU Course Review Application

As part of the CSU Quality Assurance program for 2020-21, we are supporting formal QLT & QM course certifications. Before completing the following QA Course Review Application, the following steps should have been completed. First, the instructor should have performed an informal self-review of their course, assessing readiness for certification review. This will allow the instructor to identify and correct any significant weaknesses that may exist with the course. Second, the course should have gone through a campus-level of informal review to further ensure that it is ready for formal certification review at the system level. Third, the course must have been taught online (ie. Mature course). Fourth, the course must have measurable course and modular objectives. Finally, the instructor should have already discussed with you that they would like to submit their course for formal review toward certification.

To meet certification standards, a course must meet all Core (QLT) or Essential (QM) standards, as well as meeting 85% of the overall standards across the respective instrument. Further information may be found at the CSU Course Review website, http://courseredesign.csuprojects.org/wp/qualityassurance/course-reviews/.

Once this course review application is approved and put into the queue of reviews to be completed, a review team will be assigned. You and the instructor will be notified once the review team is assigned and a pre-conference call for the review will be scheduled 2-3 weeks after this application has been submitted. The resulting review process typically lasts 4-6 weeks.

The discussion or consultation regarding the informal self-review of the course can be with the campus QA Lead or an Instructional Designer. This consultation is to determine whether this course is reasonably ready for formal review.

Upload the course syllabus, module/weekly objectives, and QLT/QM Self-Review

As the campus QA Lead/QA Faculty Fellow, I agree during this course review to:
* Ensure the course is ready to be reviewed.
* Provide login access to the cloned course for the review team.
* Attend the Pre-review Conference Call to launch the course review.
* Communicate with the CSU QA Course Review Manager regarding the status and review process as needed.
* Facilitate communication, access, and institution involvement in the review process.
* Ensure reviewer fees are processed and payment is sent within 4 weeks of course review completion.
* Maintain strict confidentiality about any courses I access during the review process.
* Not change, copy, or modify any internal documents within a course and observe copyright laws and respect intellectual property rights materials.
* Not share the final course review report without permission of the instructor.

I have verified that the Instructor has agreed to:
* Have their course undergo a CSU QLT or Quality Matters Course Review.
* Provide access to the course named above and its associated materials to selected trained peer reviewers (Course does not have to be active at the time of the review).
* Complete the Instructor Course Worksheet to provide supplemental information to the review team.
* Communicate with the review team as needed regarding the course in review

The formal course review process involves a team of a Review Chair and two additional reviewers, who will receive stipends of $350, $200, $200 respectively. My campus is responsible for paying these stipend amounts at the completion of the review process.

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