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The California Content Library is a free digital database containing high quality and thoroughly vetted digital resources developed and submitted by local educators about California's school finance and accountability systems. The Library's purpose is to equip communities with the knowledge, skills, and tools to understand the state's Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), and CA School Dashboard.

Anyone may submit a file to be considered for inclusion in the Library. Once submitted, a file will undergo a review process by a team made up of representatives from county offices of education, statewide education associations, advocacy organizations, community-based organizations, and other entities. The review team will make a recommendation to the CCEE and the CCEE will ultimately determine whether to “accept,” “accept with conditions,” “hold,” or “not accept” the file. Files in the Library will be subject to ongoing reviews to ensure that they continue to represent the most accurate and current information about the sate's school finance and accountability system.

The Terms and Conditions for submitting a file may be found at

If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions or this form, please contact CCEE staff at

If you have a virtual copy of your file that can be shared, please upload it below. If you are sharing a hyperlink (e.g., to a posted video), please provide the link below.

200 CHARACTER LIMIT. Please provide a succinct description that would help a Library user understand the content and utility of the file.

Please provide a more robust description that would help a Library user understand the content and utility of the file.

Please select the language in which the majority of the file's content is written or spoken.

Please select the topic(s) to which the file relates.

Please select the audience(s) for which the file could be used in a local training.

Please indicate which level of knowledge and skill would be necessary for an audience to be able to understand the file's content.

Please identify the date the file was created or last modified. If only the month is known, please enter the first day of the month. If only the year is known, please enter January 1 of that year.

Checking BOTH of the following boxes is necessary for the file to be considered for submission to the Library. By checking each box, you acknowledge that the corresponding statement is true.

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