FIRST LEGO League Event Registration 2018

Welcome to FIRST LEGO League Event Registration Survey for Washington.

Thank you for participating in the INTO ORBIT 2018 Season.

Time Needed: about 10 minutes to fill out the survey for one team. If you have multiple teams, please fill out one survey for each team. This is a change from previous years.

This information documents student participation for our Donors, Washington State Legislature and OSPI. We greatly appreciate your best efforts to provide accurate information for our region.

Thank you,

Jacque Grimm
Program Supervisor, FIRST LEGO League
FIRST Washington

(Please provide an email to contact the main coach in case of tournament delay or cancellation. This email address will NOT be added to any mailing list and will only be used in the event of an emergency. This email should be one that is monitored on the weekend during the event)

(This phone number is for emergency use only at tournament events)

(This information is used in our grant requests in summary form to show where our volunteers work)

Put 0 if you are a new, rookie coach

Team numbers are between 2-5 digits

Please enter the information for the Assistant Coach for the FLL Team.

(This information is used in our grant requests in summary form to show where our volunteers work)

Put 0 if you are a rookie coach

Please enter the number of Coaches and Mentors for the FLL team in each Category below. Include the main and assistant coaches as well.

Each Coach/Mentor should only be counted in one category. If the person falls into multiple categories, please select the best answer.

Put 0 if none

(This information will be used in summarized form only). This information helps us to show that our participants come from local households.

Please separate by a comma

Thank you very much for your participation in this survey. Our Donors and Foundations require this information from us. The answers will be summarized and used to strengthen the grants that FIRST Washington submits on behalf of teams. Your efforts to provide complete and accurate information are greatly appreciated.

If not affiliated, please pick not affiliated

Enter school district location even if you are a private organization or neighborhood team.

This will be a 4 digit code.
(You will save FIRST Washington staff hours of time if you can provide this info)

Please check all boxes that apply.

How many students on your FLL team?

Put 0 if none

Put 0 if none

Do you have more students that are benefiting from this FIRST team who are not part of the competition team (which is limited to 10 students)?

If you do not know for some team members, you may act as a 3rd party observer and make a best guess.

This information is required by our current and future Donors and Stakeholders. Providing the best information you can is greatly appreciated and will strengthen our fundraising efforts.

(Select a number 0-10 for each column)

Put 0 if none

Put 0 if none

(Select a number 0-10 for each column- all columns must have a value selected)

Put 0 if none

Put 0 if none

Put 0 if none

Put 0 if none

Put 0 if none

Put 0 if none

Each team must recruit at least one adult volunteer to act as a Judge during the December Qualifying tournaments. The best volunteer will be a member of the community who is not affiliated with your team. If an adult affiliated with your team such as a coach, parent, grandparent or other close relative wishes to volunteer, they should select an event where the team is not competing.

Event volunteers must create a volunteer profile at FIRST:

The volunteer should apply for a convenient event and a Judge role

Please select the best answer below

Enter "None" if you do not have a volunteer yet.

We will credit your team with fulfilling the requirement when the volunteer registers for an event through FIRST

Please pick your event preferences from the drop downs below. If your team is not planning to compete with us this season, please pick not competing.

Event Assignments should be posted the beginning of November.

We will do our best to accommodate your event preferences.

The answers below will also be considered.

Please provide a brief reason if your event selection is critical for your team.

Your responses will help us advocate for all teams in Washington.

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