Correcting Entry Request

Use this form to request corrections to invoices for Expense Reports, Requisitions, Internal Payments, and P-Card Transactions.

Enter your name, department, and email.

Enter the Transaction Number, GL Line Number, and Net Amount of the transaction from the Payables Dashboard or Account Analysis Report.

If there is no transaction number, submit your request as a Journal Entry Request.

Copy and paste full funding source from report.

Enter only the values that you are requesting to be updated.
(Example) If you are only updating one segment value, only enter that value in the appropriate field.

Enter the dollar amount followed by full funding source. The total should add up to the original amount.
$50.00 ‭3010.10200.1001006.599000.0000000000.0000.0000000000.0000000000‬
$50.00 ‭3010.11200.1001006.599000.0000000000.0000.0000000000.0000000000‬

limited to 240 characters

Fill in the appropriate justification field based on the funding source of the transaction.

Briefly describe why the correction is being requested for transactions that do not involve a project.

1. Why was this expenditure charged to the original account string and why should it be moved to the new account string?

2. If requested more than 90 calendar days from original transaction, why is the cost transfer being requested late?

3. If requested more than 90 calendar days from original transaction, what action is being taken to eliminate the future need for cost transfers of this type?

4. If requested for more than one sponsored project, explain the basis for the allocation.

Upload any additional documentation required.
*For project related requests, please attach PI approval.

Enter their email address below.

Enter their email address below.

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