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By registering your project with Premier, you can begin the process of connecting your team with Premier suppliers to access discounted pricing, value-adds, extended warranties, etc. ( * denotes required field).

In an effort to continue to support Premier’s mission of improving healthcare while reducing costs, Premier collects certain information on member construction projects (Project Information).. Premier obtains the Information from several sources, including members and third party subscription services. This Information may include the contact information of your employees that manage construction and supply chain operations. Regardless of whether the Construction Information is received from you or a third party, you grant Premier the right and license to (i) use the Project Information and (ii) to share the Project Information with Premier contracted suppliers of construction services and related products (collectively, a “Supplier”). Any Supplier that receives access to the Construction Information shall be obliged to only use the Project Information in support of you and cannot share the Project Information with unaffiliated entities out outside of their distribution network. If you are not comfortable with Premier sharing certain Project Information with contracted suppliers, please let us know and we will make sure to keep such information out of the Project Information. Make sure that you only include information in the Update Requests and Project Registration Forms that you are comfortable sharing with Premier contracted Suppliers.

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