Application - Leadership

Thank you for your interest in working at Dogtown! Please take some time to give us some information about yourself by answering the questions below.

Please explain any restrictions in your schedule. Dogtown is an 24 hour facility which never closes, and which is very busy on holidays. We have shifts of all hours as well. Are there any restrictions that you are aware of moving forward?

Working with animals can be challenging, as can working with people! What's role would you look for in this job?

You will also be able to attach resumes or additional references to this application before submitting.

Please provide the name of your best reference.

How can we get a hold of your reference?

You need to talk to this employee. How would you approach this and what would you say?

You need to cut a shift, but only one particular shift makes sense to cut, due to overlap issues. But the employee you need to cut is struggling with rent this month and begs you to stay. She offers to clean, or bathe employee dogs, anything to stay on the clock. You know that this employee could end up losing her home if you cut her hours, but if you let her stay, it could end up causing you to miss your dog:handler ratio goals this week. How would you handle this?

For example, are you in school, would like to be in school, are career focused, etc.?

When she finally gets home she goes to the bathroom frantically. The owner is not happy. What would you say to this owner?

Tell the owner why he should pick Dogtown!

All employees are seeming a little stressed and daily tasks have been running behind all day. You're in charge. What do you do/say?

But you just got a call from one of your employees that he is not feeling good today. That employee has been off for 3 days straight and can't find anyone who isn't already working to work for him. Talk to him.

This handler rushes to work every morning after getting her child to daycare. Your other handlers are getting frustrated with her and they think you need to have a talk with her due to the stress it puts on everyone. How would you handle her and the other employees?

But he will be working in the back with the dogs so the customers won't notice. What are your thoughts?

Please attach resumes and/or other documents if you would like. (optional)

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