As it appears on the Ouachita Electric account

As it appears on the Ouachita Electric account

Please enter phone numbers as you would write it and not just one long number. EX: 999-999-9999

If you have an email address please list it here.

Do you own or rent your home?

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If Mobile Home, Do you own the land where your mobile home is located?

Enter the square footage of your home to the best of your knowledge.

If you would like a free quote for a new heating and cooling system, please select one of our approved HVAC Contractors below.

Please select from options below that best describes the reason you have signed up for Ouachita HELP PAYS.

If you would like information about Solar opportunities for your home please select "YES" below.

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To establish a baseline from which to evaluate your home's potential for energy savings through Ouachita Electric Cooperative's HELP PAYS Program, you understand and consent to share past and present energy use from your home with all affiliated implementers, assessors, and contractors, to access solely and strictly in support of the program. By answering "Yes" you are giving consent.

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