Opera Australia Hazard Report Form - Confidential

This form is used to report workplace hazards. The form is for staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors.

A separate form is completed for each hazard.

If you are aware of a hazard in your workplace, you should report it promptly to your supervisor, employer or health and safety representative. Once a hazard has been identified, your employer and/or supervisor has a duty to assess the problem and eliminate any hazard that could injure workers.

Physical hazards are the most common hazards and are present in most workplaces at some time. Examples include: frayed electrical cords, unguarded machinery, exposed moving parts, constant loud noise, vibrations, working from ladders, scaffolding or heights, spills, tripping hazards.

Where is this hazard exactly? (e.g. on stage, wardrobe area, workshop etc, and on the table/wall/electrical power board, machinery etc)

Provide details on what the hazard is, how you think it may have occurred, how it could be a hazard to others, and what parts of the body it may affect.

Was any action taken to temporarily minimize the hazard? E.g. was some electrical tape used, or was some material used to cover the hazard, or was a sign placed in the hazard region to notify others?

Please upload any additional documents such as photos of the hazard.

For further information and/or support, please contact either Bill Koukoumas (bill.koukoumas@opera.org.au) or Nitya Ramaswamy (nitya.ramaswamy@opera.org.au) in Human Resources.

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