Certified Inspector General Auditor® (CIGA) Application

Deadline for applications is July 12, 2019

All applicants for admission into the Inspector General Institute® must meet all admissions requirements. By submitting this application, the applicant is attesting that they meet all the entrance criteria as established by the Association of Inspectors General. The Association’s Professional Certification Board (PCB) will review and verify all application information. Applicants will receive notification of the PCB's admission decision via email.

Applications to the Inspector General Institute® must be submitted electronically over the Internet. The application must be filled out in its entirety.

There are three (3) required documents that must be uploaded with your application:

1. Your resume
2. Your office’s organizational chart
3. Your Inspector General’s signed "Certification of Eligibility and Authorization Form"*

In addition you may also upload an optional letter of explanation regarding how you meet the eligibility criteria.

*3. http://inspectorsgeneral.org/files/2016/04/CIGA-CertificationForm.pdf

To participate in the Institute certification program you must otherwise qualify to receive the designation of CERTIFIED INSPECTOR GENERAL AUDITOR®.

You will qualify for the designation if you successfully complete the Institute course requirements and:

1. Are currently employed as an auditor in an inspector general's office conducting and performing audits, or as a manager responsible for reviewing and approving audits.
2. Have earned a bachelors or graduate degree from an accredited college or university or have equivalent experience.
3. Have one year of specific and documented experience performing or managing public sector audits.

No prerequisites other than the eligibility criteria listed above are required to attend this Institute and no course preparation is required in advance of the Institute.

Name must be typed in as you want it to appear on your certification.

Address where you would like your certificate to be mailed.

I attest that I have read the eligibility requirements for the Inspector General Institute and qualify for the designation of CERTIFIED INSPECTOR GENERAL AUDITOR® because:

This information must respond specifically to requirements listed under Eligibility criteria set forth in 1, 2 & 3 above.

Highest Degree, Institution & State, Year Awarded

In order to be considered for the Institute, the applicant MUST have the endorsement and acceptance by the agency or organization’s inspector general.

Print and have the authorized agency or organization's Inspector General to complete and sign the "Certification of Eligibility and Authorization Form" http://inspectorsgeneral.org/files/2016/04/CIGA-CertificationForm.pdf

Scan the completed form and upload it with this application.

Note: Full payment is required prior to attendance by all applicants. Please visit our website for more information on payments.

Please attach the following:
1.) Resume (Required)
2.) Organization Chart (Required)
3.) Certification of Eligibility and Authorization Form (Required)
4.) Letter of Explanation (Optional): To explain how you meet the entrance requirement, if not otherwise clear from your resume.

Any application's submitted without the required documents will be considered incomplete.

I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have never been convicted of a felony offense.
(Please type your full name below to certify.)

Please provide the link to your agency's main website, if available.

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