Global Oral Health Summit: Call for Speakers

Carestream Dental’s 2019 Global Oral Health Summit is a collaborative learning experience, uniting oral health professionals across all specialties and skill levels. Attendees learn new ways to tackle everyday challenges. The Summit will be taking place from November 7-9, 2019 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

Program Theme: Power the Performance of Your Practice

The 2019 program offers oral health professionals across all specialties a series of unique and dynamic education experiences designed to broaden and enrich their understanding of the evolution in workflow integration, practice management and clinical excellence while providing and provide a foundation for continued learning. Attendees will discover tips and tricks to increase efficiency, learn new strategies for practice promotion, work more efficiently and overall improve their patients experience.

The 2019 Global Oral Health Summit targets oral health professionals, both team members and doctors from all specialties

Come be a part of the 2019 Global Oral Health Summit and reach a diverse audience of physicians and dental staff, with exposure to over 700+ attendees. Carestream Dental is seeking speakers who are forward thinking, engaging and who drive meaningful discussion about what’s on the forefront of the dental industry!

**Applications must be submitted no later than March 30 to be considered for the 2019 program. Each application will be reviewed and acceptance is based on topic and relevance to the audience. Learn more at

Please include area code.

Limit to 200 characters

Make sure your title is listed as you would like it to be published on the GOHS website (if selected), including correct grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. While a catchy session title can attract the attention of attendees, the proposal itself should be clear and complete in order to be favorably viewed by the proposal reviewers.

Summarize the session you wish to present at the 2019 Global Oral Health Summit.
Provide a concise description that will explain the focus and significance of your proposed session.
• Succinct description of the relevance of this session to the practice of dentistry.
• Begins with “This (hands on, lecture, panel) session will…”
• Describes the teaching style of the presentation or format you will use (i.e. didactic or hand-on, etc.)
• Do not exceed 1000 words.

• Focus participants’ attention on the expected outcome of your presentation.
• State clearly and succinctly what attendees can expect to learn during the session (learning objectives)
• Begin each statement as if it was preceded by “Upon completion of this session, participants should”
• Follow a numbered structure, starting with a verb (i.e. , Learn, Understand, Be able to, etc.)
• Contains at least two objectives and no more than 50 words
• Will be published online and within the mobile app to help attendees choose among courses

Select your preferred presentation format

Didactic – Will be presented in a large audience lecture setting.

Panel – Will be presented with more than one speaker in a large audience setting.

Interactive – Offers attendees hands-on learning of equipment being presented.

Select all of the subject areas that best describes your presentation. The Summit program is designed around an oral health professional's workflow within their practice.

Select all of the specialty areas that your presentation would be applicable to.

Select the audience type that would be best to attend your session.

Select the audience' place of work most applicable to your session topic of who would be interested in it.

Choose the level of experience and/or expertise recommended for attendees of your proposed session.

All: Appropriate for all knowledge levels, including individuals who are new to the topic/subject area.

Entry/Intermediate: Intended for individuals who already have a basic knowledge of the topic/subject area, and are looking to further their understanding of the subject matter.

Advance: Appropriate for seasoned professionals and experts, this level assumes the audience already grasps the intermediate elements of the topic and is seeking to explore the topic/subject matter with a more in-depth perspective.

Select the desired length of your proposed presentation.

Please specify if you require payment for speaking. If so, enter the exact dollar amount within the field below.

The 2019 program offers a variety of session types, please specify the ones you'd be interested in being considered for.

Transformation Lounge Sessions: Sponsored (exhibitor/vendor) education sessions led by industry experts. Join knowledgeable oral health professionals in these special sessions as they share tips, tricks and strategies to power the performance of your practice.

Master Class Series: Leverage the power of your practice management software to overcome the most pressing challenges in the oral healthcare industry. Led by experienced industry professionals and Carestream Dental leaders, each of these intensive 90-minute hands-on courses feature training exercises and lively discussions. Leave the class with a fresh set of tools and the strategy needed to perform under pressure in any practice or clinical situation.

Power-User Theater: Customer-led 15-minute TED inspired sessions will inform, inspire and leave you with actionable takeaways to implement within your practice management software to power your practice.

What's Trending in the Industry: Sessions relating to the understanding latest trends, challenges and best practices in the oral health industry led by industry experts.

Ideal Solutions: Hands-on training opportunities to get a better understanding of Carestream Dental's products, including their capabilities and features.

Keynote Lecture: Lecture presented for a multi-specialty audience (applicable to all audience members) and attendee types (i.e. residents, team members and physicians).

Young Professionals Program: Targeted programming for those who just started in oral health seeking tips and training on how to advance their career and/or make the right decisions within their careers.

Please confirm if you would be willing to assist Carestream Dental in additional marketing support by conducting a webinar, assist in a white paper, social media post or blog, etc. in advance of the meeting relating to your topic area if selected for the program.

Upload additional supporting materials for consideration.

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