Energy Storage System Design Information

Please complete the following fields to receive an energy storage system design consultation. Our Application Engineering team will review the materials and reach out to schedule a phone call within two business days. Thank you.

How does the customer intend to use the energy storage system?

What is the max peak output power of the PV system? Pull from PV system monitoring or modeling software.

If existing PV system, pull data from inverter monitoring or data acquisition system.

If new PV system installation, use PV Watts data or other production modeling results. Describe in the field below.

Please provide utility bill data for monthly or seasonal energy consumption. This is best for determining Self Consumption or ToU system sizing.

Provide a list of loads that the homeowner would like to be able to utilize in a grid outage. These will be installed in the Protected Loads Panel (PLP). Ideally, each load should have operating power, surge power, and hours of operation for each day, but if this information is unavailable, it is not required. Please note which loads are seasonal.

Provide a list of loads that the homeowner would NOT like to be able to utilize in a grid outage. These loads will be located up-stream of the sonnen unit(s). Some loads are too large for the sonnen unit and may need to be placed up-stream of the sonnen unit.

Does the homeowner currently have a home or energy automation system?

Is the homeowner interested in home or energy automation?

If applicable, which loads does the homeowner want to designate as dynamic? (Dynamic loads are those controlled dynamically by configurable breakers.)

Single Line Diagrams, PV production reports, Monthly energy bills, Pictures, etc...

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