2018 Annual Verification of Assets

This form is the second of a the two-part verification of assets on the MISS DIG System. To ensure that we are providing the best possible service to our members, we request that you log into your Remote Member Access (RMA) account(s) and verify that both the contact information on your member codes and the mapped notification areas are accurate. Once verified using your RMA account(s), this form should be completed by the RMA account holder(s), notifying MISS DIG 811 that the appropriate information has been reviewed.

All entries on this form will be validated, and two lucky winners will receive free two-night stay at the MISS DIG 811 Annual Meeting. Note: You may need to use up to two different RMA account types to complete this process. Multiple verifications of the same information for the same member will not be counted.

An RMAA, RMAF, or RMAL account is needed to verify the contact information. An RMAF or RMAM is needed to verify the mapped notification area.

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