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We are continuing to build a network of premier M&A and business consulting professionals interested in establishing an employee or contractor relationship with us.

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About Global PMI Partners

At Global PMI Partners, we specialize in post-merger integration (PMI) services that help our clients optimize the result of their merger, acquisition, or divestiture. Clients rely on us for our customized approach and strategy, and our ability to address their unique operational, technical, and cultural complexities.

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Independent Consultant: Work on a project by project basis with GPMIP performing in your area of expertise full or part-time.
Employee: Become an employee of Global PMI Partners and execute in client engagement roles.
Business Development: Act in a lead generation role to make potential clients aware of GPMIP services and be compensated on a commission basis.
Corporate Collaboration: Leverage your current business to collaborate with GPMIP on services beneficial to our clients.

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