Rural School Bus Pilot Project Year 2, Application Part A

To apply for RSBPP grant funding, please submit the information requested below. Click the link below to review the entire Application Package before submitting an application:,%20%206-18-2018.pdf

Questions? Contact NCUAQMD Staff at (707) 443-3093 or at A list of frequently asked questions and grant eligibility are available at the link below:'s%20for%20RSBPP%20YR%202.pdf

Provide the requested information for the entity applying for funding. Fields with a red "*" are required.

If your entity does not belong to one of the categories listed below, contact District Staff for further information.

Enter the mailing address information for the entity applying for funding.

Enter the physical address information for the entity applying for funding.

Identify the person who will be the primary contact for the project.

Identify the Air District where the school is located. Use the following link to the air district look-up tool

Applicants may apply for up to 12 projects in either project category. A separate application must be completed for each project and identify a unique "old school bus."

Identify the type of vehicle from the options provided. You may only select one per application.

The following questions are for Zero-Emission (Electric or Fuel Cell Bus Projects) only. If applying for Hybrid or Internal Combustion Engine Project, select "Not Applicable".

Are you applying for infrastructure costs?

Have you verified this technology will work for your route?

The following two questions are for Hybrid and Internal Combustionl Engine Projects only. If you are applying for a Zero-Emission Project, select "Not Applicable".

Select one of the renewable fuel types from the list below.

Have you verified the availability of renewable fuel?

Maximum funding levels are: 1) Electric Bus, $400,000 with an additional $5,000 for infrastructure; and 2) Hybrid or Internal Combustion Engine, $165,000. List the amount you are requesting below.

Has the engine or vehicle in this application been considered for, or has it been awarded replacement or retrofit funding?

If you answered yes, please give the agency name, status of the application or agreement and funding amount requested/awarded.

The following questions refer to the bus that will be replaced - the "old bus".

Is the CHP certification (pupil safety certification) current on this vehicle?

Identify the location of the school bus garage / yard.

Project ranking is determined by the total mileage of the "old school bus" (chassis). Total engine mileage is collected for informative purposes only. If the odometer or engine has been replaced that applicant must provide records to demonstrate old school bus mileage, should they be selected for funding. Only mileage that is verifiable will be accepted.

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