League IT Grants

Due to the increasing requirement of using technology within football administration, The FA provides affiliated leagues with bursaries to support financial costs in adopting technology.

Please complete all the required sections prior to submitting your application.

The complete criteria can be found on your local County FA website. Ensure you read this document prior to purchasing equipment and submitting an application.

To apply Leagues must:-

- Be a sanctioned league for the current season

- Be using either FA Full Time or Whole Game System (WGS) Player Registration

- Must be below Tier 6 in the Women’s Pyramid of Football for female teams

- Be 11-a-side / youth / mini-soccer / small-sided (non-commercial) league

- Must be non-profit making

- Have not received the grant in the previous season

Please provide as much information as possible to support your claim

Ensure you do not claim for more then available bursary. This is dependent on the size of your league and if you are using WGS Player Registration & Full Time.

Please refer to the criteria document on your local County FA website.

Must be contained within the following list -

- Computer, Laptop or Tablet
- Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard
- Printer, ID Card Printer
- Multi-function device (all in one printer, scanner, photocopier)
- Laminator
- Telephone
- Software
- External Hard Drive
- Digital Camera

Please name the officials who will use this equipment, their role and how they intend to use this equipment?

If this is for replacement equipment which was funded previously by The FA, please provide detailed reasoning as to why this equipment is no longer adequate.

This information is required in order to credit the applicant league with the relevant bursary. This must be a League bank account only and be the account in which you would like the grant to be credited to.

Following the confirmation of a payment from The FA to the applicant league, all banking information will be removed as it is no longer necessary to be retained.

I confirm that this account is the bank account for the applicant league and is not a personal account.

No claims can be submitted without a copy of a receipt

Please provide an electronic version of your receipt attached in the file attachment section. If required you can attach more than one receipt within your application. If you do no have any electronic copy you can take a photo of your receipt and upload this.

This must show an itemised list of purchases with the value of each item along with a total cost.

I hereby certify that the information given on the form is correct and that the primary use of this equipment will be to assist the administration of the above named league. I am aware that equipment funded by The FA must remain the property of the league and cannot be retained by any officer resigning from the league.

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