Waverley Council - Venue Hire Grants Program 2019-20

Venue Hire Grants application form

The Venue Hire Grant Program aims to support groups that provide identifiable social, recreational and cultural benefits to Waverley’s community. The program is underpinned by the social justice principles of equity of access and participation for everyone in the community.

Waverley Council operates a fee structure that offers all Not for Profit or Non-Profit community groups a 50% reduction on Standard hire fees. Groups are able to apply for further support in reduced fees through the Venue Hire Grants Program. Grants will be awarded to groups that can demonstrate significant community benefit or in cases of genuine hardship. Grants are open to organisation for the use of indoor and outdoor facilities.

Groups and organisations that can demonstrate compliance with the ATO’s definition of Not for Profit or Non‐Profit are eligible.

Assessment Criteria
Each application will be assessed using the information it provides against the following criteria:

• Evidence of financial hardship provided.
• Provide critical support services, such as services for frail aged residents.
• Evidence that the activity will benefit Waverley residents
• Evidence that the group is capable of carrying out the planned activity e.g. relevant experience
• Suitability of the proposed activity for, and in keeping with, the primary purpose of the venue requested
• Description of the community benefits the applicant expects the activity will provide and its alignment with Waverley Councils Community Strategic Plan Waverley Together 3 2018-29

Council will not consider applications for a reduced rate for:

• Activities with an exclusive religious or political purpose
• Activities that are part of the core responsibilities of schools or tertiary education institutions
• Activities that duplicate existing programs
• Activities that directly contravene Council policy
• Activities proposed by applicants who have outstanding debts or have overdue grant acquittal requirements to Waverley Council. Other grants and support being received by applicants will be considered in assessments
• Activities proposed by For-Profit organisations

Grants will be awarded either to the value of 50% of the community Not for Profit fee rate or to the value of a full fee waiver.

The applicant must confirm the availability of the venue for their activity and make a tentative booking prior to lodging their grant application.  

• Grant applications open on Monday 1st April 2019 and all applications need to be submitted before the 21st April 2019.
• Council officers will assess applications against the eligibility criteria. A report with recommendations for funding will be submitted for council consideration and approval at the 15th May Council Meeting. After council has reached a verdict, we will contact applicants about the outcome of their application.
• All applicants will be advised in writing regarding the outcome of their application. This is anticipant to happen the week of the 20th May 2019.
• Grants awarded apply for the period of the financial year in which they are awarded. A new application will need to be submitted for the following year.

Grant recipients must agree to:

• Abide by Waverley Council’s conditions of hire for its venues. This includes the payment of security bonds, storage, keys and provision of Public Liability Insurance where applicable.
• Acknowledge Council support in all promotional material, annual report and other information relating to the grant‐funded activity (Council logo can be supplied on request). 
• Submit an acquittal form and provide a short evaluation report on their activity, immediately following the completion of the activity. 

Failure to meet these conditions will disqualify the applicant from receiving any further grant support from Waverley Council.


Is your organisation not operating for the profit or gain of its individual members, either directly or indirectly?

• Do your organisation’s constituent documents prohibit it from making any distribution – whether money, property or otherwise – to its members during the course of its operations?
• Do your organisation’s constituent documents prohibit it from making any distribution – whether money, property or otherwise to its members on dissolution.
• Are your organisation’s activities consistent with its constituent document’s clauses?
• Does your organisation have sufficient controls (processes) in place to ensure that members and other private persons does not receive the property or assets of the organisation?  Property or assets can be bona fide (legitimate) reimbursement for services they have provided to the organisation, or as reasonable compensation for expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.
• Are the profits made by your organisation used to carry out its purposes?

Waverley’s Community Strategic Plans are underpinned by the social justice principles of equity, access, rights and participation for everyone in the community.

Key directions include:

• Waverley’s cultural heritage and diversity are recognised, protected and respected.
• The community is welcoming and inclusive and people feel they are connected and belong.
• Community support services continue to be targeted to, and accessible by, those who need them most
including children and young people, older people, and people with a disability.
• People feel safe in all parts of Waverley.
• Arts and cultural activities foster an involved community and a creative environment.
• Health and quality of life are improved through a range of recreation and leisure opportunities.



e.g. Community Not for Profit group, registered non-profit organisation.

N.B Also attach any other information that addresses the assessment criteria which will benefit your application.
e.g. evidence of financial hardship and a short evaluation of how the group's activities ran in 2018-19.

State multiple days and times if applicable.
e.g. Tuesday 1pm to 2pm & Friday 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

(please specify)

e.g. disability, frail age, youth, LGBT

What benefit do you hope this activity will achieve for the Waverley community? Describe specific target groups who will benefit.

Please provide this information below or separately attach it to the form.
Failure to provide this information will impact further grants from being approved.

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