Snowdrop Scholarship Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for a scholarship from Snowdrop Foundation. Although all applications will be considered for funding from Snowdrop Foundation, we are not currently able to provide scholarships for all requests. If you are not selected for a scholarship during this application period, Snowdrop Foundation will keep your original application on file.

Applications will only be considered for review if they are completed in full.
DUE APRIL 30, 2019

Please note that all scholarships will be paid to the third party designated on your
application form. No scholarship monies will be paid directly to recipients.

If you are chosen as a recipient, Snowdrop Foundation must receive all necessary paperwork (including receipts, invoices, bills, and anything else requested by Snowdrop Foundation) from you within one week of notification. If you are unable to provide the paperwork in a timely manner, your scholarship may be revoked.

It is the policy of Snowdrop Foundation not to discriminate, in its consideration of scholarship applications and in its awarding of scholarships, on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national or ethnic origin, disability, or sexual preference.

If you have questions regarding the completion of this application, please direct them to Trish Kline, 713-232-9051

** Snowdrop Foundation reserves the right to contact you if further information is needed for consideration of your application for a scholarship.

If you don't have your student ID Number yet Enter N/A

Please limit yourself to 250 OR LESS for the following:

Please limit yourself to 250 OR LESS for the following:

(B.S., B.A., etc)

Expected Expenses for Academic Year Indicated:

Maximum allowed attachments = 10

The first two pages of the most current tax return (Please provide all that apply)

1. Your parents 2017 or 2018 tax return if they file jointly

2. Your Father's and Mother's 2017 or 2018 individual return if they file separately

3. Your personal 2017 or 2018 tax return

4. If you do not file a tax return, you must show proof of any income such as SSI, W-2, Snap Benefits or other written documentation

1. Two (2) letters of recommendation from two different academic teachers addressing why you should receive this scholarship [If you are a returning scholarship recipient you do not need letters]

2. A letter from your attending physician verifying your medical history and current medical situation

3. A copy of an acceptance letter from the college/university of your choice or a letter of good standing from the registrar

4. One year of Academic Transcripts (High School, College or Combination depending on your year in school)

5. Applicant portrait picture

Completed applications and supporting documents must be submitted by April 30, 2019 of application year to be considered for the Fall Semester. Late applications will not be considered.

Please note, this web form allows for a maximum of 10 attachments.

If you have received a scholarship please make a note of amount.

Snowdrop Foundation A Non-Profit, Tax-Exempt, Publicly Supported Organization with IRS 501(c)(3) status. EIN 20-4478536

As the recipient of Snowdrop Foundation’s Scholarship, I agree to have my name and photo published in the news media and my name, photo and success story to be published on website, newsletters, brochures, speeches or any other promotional material.

As the parent/guardian of the applicant I agree that if he/she is the recipient of the scholarship that his/her name and photo may be published in the news media and his/her name, photo and success story to be published on website, newsletters, brochures, speeches or any other promotional material.

Discuss the following question. HOW HAS MY EXPERIENCE WITH CANCER IMPACTED MY LIFE VALUES AND CAREER GOALS? Essays must be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1000 words.

Snowdrop Foundation is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the medical information, financial information, and other personal information and data that you provide to us. Snowdrop Foundation understands and acknowledges that you have reposed trust in us to protect the confidentiality and security of all of that information and data.

The information and data that you provide to Snowdrop Foundation will remain your information and data. Snowdrop Foundation will not use your information and data for purposes other than those purposes for which you provide such information and data to us or for which you otherwise authorize Snowdrop Foundation, in writing, to use such information and data.

Snowdrop Foundation will not sell, or otherwise disseminate or make available to third parties the information and data that you provide, in whole or in part. Snowdrop Foundation will restrict access to the information and data that you provide to those persons who will evaluate your information and data for purposes of determining your eligibility for, and making awards of, the financial assistance that Snowdrop Foundation provides.

Snowdrop Foundation will not disclose your information and data to any third party unless the disclosure is authorized by you in writing or is compelled by an order of a court, administrative agency, or other governmental body. Snowdrop Foundation will comply with any such order only after providing you with notice of such order so that you have the opportunity to seek a protective order or other restriction on the disclosure of your information and data.

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