Career Direct Consultant Application: Orange County, CA, March, 2019

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Career Direct Consultant. CD USA is extremely excited about the vision to equip and mobilize CD Consultants around the world. Before you start the application below, please click on the links to obtain critical information.

1. Introduction:
2. Chuck Bentley-CEO of Crown:
3. Application Info:
4. Research Manual:
5. Consultant Contract:
6. Video Testimony 1:
7. Video Testimony 2:

Contact: Jim Sullivan
Phone: 949-235-5955

Training Cost (Non Refundable):
$750.00 Training Cost through March, 2019
Reg & Pay deadlines : February, 2019

Date & Times:
First live Introduction and Agenda Discussion

Training Site:
Jim Sullivan
Location to be determined in Orange County

Please supply the email you want to used for communication to you.

Your home address.

What is the name your Church or Affiliation?

Please give the name and email address of your pastor/spiritual leader.

Please give the name of your place of work / minisitry / practice.

Please choose from below your level of involvement with Crown.

What motivated you to want to serve as CD Consultant?

What are your strongest talents / strengths? (Please explain)

What are your top weak areas? (Please explain)

List any special skill that may help you as Career Direct consultant.

List any books / materials from Crown that you have read used.

Please choose from below your highest level of education.

What was your major in college / university?

List any professional licenses, certificates or memberships you hold.

What do / did you do in your current or most recent occupation? Briefly describe.

Please list / describe any experience in career consulting, HR, or other professional or counseling settings.

Have you ever led support groups for the unemployed or taught a career seminar?

Have you worked with personality assessment materials? List any test you have used including training in this field.

Were you ever convicted of a crime? (Supply details?)

Please share the key aspects of your spiritual journey.

Did you read Crown's Statement of Faith and do you agree with it?

Are you aware that you will be certified after completing 6 consultations within six months after the completion of your trianing?

Are you aware that you will have to do 6 CD Consultations per annum to stay registered/certified as a CD Consultant?

Please list their name, phone number, email address, and your relationship to them.

Please list their name, phone number, email address, and your relationship to them.

Please give us your impression of the application process.

Do you have any questions?

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