March 1, 2019 - The Use of Humor

These articles discuss the use of humor and jokes from theoretical and clinical perspectives. Newirth reviewed Freud’s concept of “joke-work” as parallel to “dream-work.” He presented clinical examples in which humor was a vehicle for interpreting, organizing, perceiving, and generating unconscious meanings and developing deep intersubjective experiences of emotional connection. Corbett illustrated the psychotherapeutic action of comedy in the opening phase of treatment of a man with an early history of neglect. Comedy helped to defy neurotic gravity, reanimate primal density, open a maternal erotic transference, and access underlying aggression.
Facilitator: Efrain Bleiberg, MD

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Attendees will be able to Describe how Freud’s concept of “joke-work” is parallel to “dream-work.”

Attendees will be able to Describe 3 possible functions of humor in clinical work with patients.

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