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Tall City Blues Fest is an original American music festival showcasing award-winning talent.

Performers wishing to submit for consideration to perform at Tall City Blues Fest, please complete the following form.

While completing this form is sufficient for our purposes, if you'd like to supplement your submission by sending a physical press kit, please mail it to:

Ronn Reeger, Talent Buyer
Tall City Blues Fest
3001 W Loop 250 North
Suite C-105, PMB 263
Midland, TX 79705

You will also have the ability to upload files and provide links within this form.

If you are an agent looking to submit multiple artists from your roster, a new blank form will load upon hitting submit. Please only submit one artist per form.

This should be the name of the performer or band that is being submitted.

From what city/state does the the performer being submitted hail from?

Please enter a URL where we view the performers website.

Please enter a URL where we can view live performance footage of the performer.

Are the video links above representative of the configuration (i.e. number of people and instrumentation) the performer would utilize if selected to perform at Tall City Blues Fest?

NOTE: We understand personnel is often fluid, so who the personnel is is less important than how many personnel there are for purposes of answering this question.

Please enter a URL where we can view the performers electronic press kit (EPK), if applicable.

If you have attachments such as an electronic press kit, articles, reivews, one-sheets, etc. that you would like us to see, upload those docs below.

List most recent first.

Please indicate whether the performer or anyone in the performer's group has teaching abilities to conduct a workshop.

If "yes" is indicated, a separate inquiry may be sent to discover more information, such as topics that can taught.

Does the performer have any gospel background.

If "yes" is indicated, a separate inquiry may be sent to discover more information.

Your name as the person completing the submission.

Please enter the same name as above if you are also the primary contact.

If different, please indicate here, as this person (primary contact) will receive notifications as to the status of this submission or requests for more information.

Please select the role that best describes the primary contact.

Enter a company name if the primary contact works through an agency or management company.

Tall City Blues Fest is located in Midland, TX 79701.

Is there anything you would like us to know about the performer that has not been asked in this form?

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