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At IC Plus, we strive to provide the best care and support for all of our products and services. We offer in-warranty as well as out-of-warranty repair services. If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact our support team by phone or email. After assisting in the troubleshooting of the issue, the support representative may direct you to return the product if it cannot be fixed remotely.

Please note IC Realtime warranty terms here -
5 Year IC Realtime Warranty only applies to sales from May 9th 2016. Please read exclusions carefully on the terms and conditions.

To begin the repair process:

1. Customer fills out the below Repair Request Form with all the details required.

2. IC Plus will review the request within 24 working hours and once accepted, a “Returns Number” together with details of the return address will be sent to you

3. Please do not attempt to return goods unless you have received the Returns Number from a member of our team.

Please supply your IC Plus Limited Account Number so your request can be processed. If you do not know the account number please consult with your IC Plus account manager.

Contact information for the purpose of this request.

Please supply the return address for the product.

Please provide exact detail of the product being returned.

Failure to supply exact information will result in delays as all requests are verified against our manufacturing system.

Please provide detailed description of problem, "Faulty", "Not Working" will not be acceptable.

Please provide detailed description of problem, "Faulty", "Not Working" will not be acceptable.

Please provide detailed description of problem, "Faulty", "Not Working" will not be acceptable.

1. Product must be secured with resilient materials (original packing) and must include all accessories and components. Incomplete returns will not be processed.

2. RMA Form must be complete. Providing detailed description of the fault. Inaccurate or false faults will result in the return being rejected, delayed and returned cost being incurred.

3. RMA Form is only valid for the items contained within the form. Returned items not listed in the RMA form will be returned and carriage charged.

4. IC Plus recommends the items being returned can provide a POD (proof of delivery) i.e. Courier or registered post. IC Plus will not accept losses incurred for items not returned by these methods.

5. RMA number supplied from IC Plus must be clearly displayed on the address label not the packaging. Use the example of the return address listed on top of the RMA form.

6. An RMA Number is valid for 14 days after its issue by customer service; consequently, the concerned products must be returned to IC Plus within that period of time.

7. Do not write on the original product box. The RMA number should be visible on the shipping label on the other box/carton.

8. All returns sent to IC Plus are at the customer’s cost. The replaced or repaired item will be sent on behalf (exceptions apply) of IC Plus.

9. After inspection and testing or repairs we will send a replacement or your product back, at IC Plus’s discretion.

10. Deliveries without RMA number will clearly require special treatment for us to track and the processing will be significantly delayed or disposed of if the originator cannot be sourced.

11. If the claim that the Goods are defective is valid then we will repair or replace (Equivalent or Same) the Goods. If this is not possible, we will refund at the original purchase price.

12. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with any of Manufacturer's terms regarding the return, repair or replacement of defective Goods. We shall not be liable for any Goods that cannot be repaired or replaced by the Manufacturer because you have not complied with its terms. It is advised that you consult each manufacturer’s warranty conditions.

Once you have reviewed the above and you agree with the terms and conditions listed your repair request will be accepted to the approval stage.

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