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Please fill out the form below to request a reservation for a visit by our Classroom Enrichment program! Please answer all questions as completely as possible.

Please make sure you plan for 60-75 minutes per session for a maximum of 3 total sessions per day. More information about the requirements and options for our Classroom Enrichment program at the link below. (opens in new tab)

Our spring and summer 2018 visit schedule is now full. For schools - feel free to request a visit for school year 2018-19 and your request will be waitlisted until we start processing school year requests over the summer.

First and Last, please.

(Main office)

### Street Name
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Your invoice will also be sent to this contact.

ex. 9AM Start - 3PM Dismissal

This will help us plan times for when you will have sessions.

i.e. Holidays, Teacher Workdays, Testing, Half-days, etc.

Please include School Name, Teacher Name, and Phone number for each school you are partnering with.

Morehead offers multiple opportunities for scholarships to cover some or all of the cost of our Outreach programs. Different scholarships have different eligibility requirements, such as free/reduced lunch percentage, title 1 funding, or which county the school is in. Please learn more about our scholarships here: (link opens in new tab)

Schools with 76% reduced lunch or more are eligible for our Jupiter Ball scholarship as funds permit. Schools must be listed on NC DPI website or documentation must be provided by school's Principal.

We offer the following programs for Classroom Enrichment visits:

Adaptation 101: Recommended for Grades K-2, 4-5
Chem-mess-try: Recommended for Grades 2-3, 6-8
Newton in Motion: Recommended for Grades 3-5
Star Power: Recommended for Grades 3-4, 6-7
Weather Wise: Recommended for Grades 4-5, 7

Learn more about each Curriculum Module online at the link provided (opens in new tab).

i.e. 3rd-5th etc.

Please note that the Classroom Enrichment program can only accommodate 30 students per session. Sessions are 60-75 minutes long, with a minimum of 15 minutes between, and up to 3 total sessions/day. Schools requesting more than 3 sessions will require multi-day visits.

CLASS 1,2,3 etc.
Teacher Name:
Teacher Email:
Time (if known):
# Students in Session (30 max):

This text box expands quite a bit; feel free to copy and paste as needed to list all of your classes.

Include things like hearing/vision impaired, etc.

Review the pricing structure AND requirements below for the Classroom Enrichment program, also provided online at the link below, in the section labelled "Fees and Requirements". Link opens in new tab.

Base Fee:
$250 - 1st day.
$150/day each additional, consecutive day.

Travel fee:
$200/day for schools more than 90 miles from Chapel Hill, NC.
$50/day for schools within 90 miles of Chapel Hill, NC.

Max Sessions/day: 3
Session length: 60-75 minutes.

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