Advanced Replacement Application Request

This is a unique ID that our technical support department will supply to begin the Advanced Replacement Process.

Please supply your IC Plus Limited Account Number so your request can be processed. If you do not know the account number please consult with your IC Plus account manager.

Contact information for the purpose of this request.

Please input the exact details of the product that will be replaced.

Failure to supply exact information will result in delays as all requests are verified against our manufacturing system.

For advanced replacements on recorders, we issue the replacement without Hard Drives and DVD/RW and you will need to re-fit these components.

Please upload official PO for the advanced replacement.

Failure to issue PO will result in the process being rejected.

Please supply a delivery address for the replacement product if different from the default delivery address on your account.

If left blank the delivery address will be your account default.

Please review the below terms and conditions carefully for all advanced replacements.

To proceed with the application you will need to accept.

General Conditions
1. Advanced Replacements are only sent on receiving an official PO
2. Advanced Replacements are then charged to the customer providing the credit account is up to date
3. If no credit account is available or the account has a exceeded limit and/or is on hold, we will require a credit card payment for the advanced replacement to be sent
4. All advanced replacements that are sent will be in general packaging and without accessories or manuals
5. If original product was purchased within a 30 day period a new product will be sent but without accessories or manuals

Returning of Product
1. Advanced Replacements Cases will only remain open for 30 days from dispatch of replacement product
2. Failure to return the product within 30 days will result in the product being returned to you and no credit / refund will be issued
3. When the defective product is received back within the 30 day period and we deem it defective the account that the advanced replacement was sent on will be credited for the same amount
4. If the product is returned within the 30 days and has no fault as described to technical support, no credit / refund will be issued
5. If the product returned has a fault caused by the below no credit / refund will be issued:
a. Serial Number removed from product
b. Any electrical damage done to internal parts which leave visible burn marks on the circuitry
c. Water damage caused by incorrect installation
d. Physical damage to the product that did not occur during the original shipping

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