2020/21 Midwest United FC Player Assistance Application

Please carefully read all of this information. As you fill out this form, you are required to answer all questions. If a question does not apply to your situation, please type "none" in the open space. If you have more than one player, you only need to complete this form once for your family.

Make sure to check the box at the end of the form to have your completed form emailed back to you. Save this email!! If something happens to your application, it is proof you applied. If you don't get an email back we do not have your application. You then must contact us BEFORE the deadline otherwise you will not receive assistance.

The deadline for application is:
November 15, 2020

***NO LATE applications will be accepted.

Completion of this application DOES NOT GUARANTEE an award of financial assistance. All applications will be given full consideration.

You will be notified of your assistance amount by email. If you do not hear from us by November 23, please contact: playerassistance@midwestunitedfc.com

Please select the age group that applies for the 20/21 season.

Please select how many players you have

Please enter their first and last name, age and team

Do you have children playing in other clubs

Please name the other clubs

Please enter the total amount in dollars you are requesting in financial assistance. (For example, $250. Do not say 50% or anything appreciated.)

***This is NOT the guaranteed award amount.

Is this your first time applying for Midwest United FC player assistance?

Type none if you do not have a landline.

Please enter the status of your employment

Please enter the status of parent 2's employment

Does Parent 2 have a different address?

Do you rent or own your home?

Please state the estimated value of your home

Please enter the balance of your mortgage

Please select all that apply

Please list any additional expenses (such as college tuition or private school payments) and designate who they are for

Does your family receive financial assistance?

Has COVID-19 impacted your financial situation?

Please state how your family has been impacted.
*Was your employment status changed due to COVID-19
* Will you return to your job

Please use this section to provide any further information that you would like us to consider when determining financial assistance (employment status, unexpected hardships, etc)

Please explain any extenuating circumstances that have impacted your financial situation short or long term.

I certify that all of the above information is true and correct. I understand that this information is being provided as a method to assist Midwest United FC staff in staff in determining the level of financial assistance that may be awarded toward player fees.

I understand that monies provided through this application process will be used to pay player costs, and will not pay for any supplemental expenses associated with participating in Midwest United FC (travel expenses, team fees, uniform, etc.).

I authorize the representatives of Midwest United FC to discuss this request with the team manager/coach, along with board members in an effort to make a determination of what financial assistance may be granted and/or track payments against an established payment plan.

Please enter your initials

For consideration, all applicants must supply a copy of their most current annual Federal Tax form 1040A. If parent 1 and parent 2 file, separately attach both returns. Blackout all social security numbers on the forms for your privacy.

***NOTE: Two separate applications are needed if parent 1 and parent 2 split the responsibility for the player fees and they both wish to be considered for aid.

An example might be if divorced parents split the bill and each play half. If one applies the award will be for only their portion of the bill unless both apply.

Also attach supporting tax schedules if you have income from:

Business (Schedule C or C-EZ and Form 4562)
Farm (Schedule F and Form 4562)
Rental Property (Schedule E)
S-Corporation (Schedule E, Form 1120S, Schedule K-1 and Form 8825)
Partnership (Schedule E, Form 1065, Schedule K-1, and Form 8825)
Estates and Trusts ( Schedule E, Form 1041, Schedule K-1)
All information submitted will be kept confidential. Midwest United FC is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex.

Please use the next section to upload your required documents. You can upload multiple forms with the link.

**I understand that if I do not include all requested information this application WILL NOT be considered.

Please enter your FULL LEGAL name

Please enter today's date

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