Artist Applications Dec. 2017

If you would like to be listed as another name.

For maps, so applies to locations only.

If your location is other than your home address, and this is where you will be showing.

If you are within area boundaries, and would like to be a location on the Tour.

Please try to be specific as to wall space, space for tables, etc.

If known, please list them here:

If you are interested in exhibiting, but do not want to be a location, please fill out the following:

How much space do you want/need to display your art? Specify wall space, or table space, and amount needed.

Please complete the following:

If you are a location, you must be open both days. If you are a guest artist, you may exhibit one day if necessary.

You might have to upload one at a time, depending on browser. Please refer to photo requirements. Complete form below after uploads.

Artwork Titles, and Actual Physical Sizes:*
Please list your 3 submissions in order by:
1. Title, Dimensions in Inches, Medium.
Example: "Sunset," 24"x36", oil on canvas.

150 words or less. Note: We reserve the right to edit for length or clarity purposes.

(If you are unable to volunteer, you must be willing to pay an additional $50.00.)

This will help us place you in a suitable role.

(If a merchant is paying your fees, and you are showing there.)

Please check box below to receive an email confirmation. If checked, and you don't receive it within 12 hours, please contact

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