2018 CSP Publicity/Events/Grants (PEG Form)

(or completion date if applicable)

Please note - to supply alcohol you must submit an ACT liquor license, proof of security for the event, copy of servers' Responsible Service of Alcohol qualifications and a copy of approval from ANU Functions on Campus. http://facilities.anu.edu.au/services/functions-on-campus Please upload your approval email from functions on campus in the attachments section of this form.

Failure to declare alcohol at your event will incur a ban upon the person, student society or entity from hosting events at Unilodge @ ANU facilities. The period of the ban is at the discretion of management.

UniLodge @ ANU is subject to the rules and regulation as set out by ANU liquor policy.

Name, Lodge, room number and contact number (required for any event booking)

Name, Lodge, room number and contact number (required for any event booking)

How will you know if your proposal has succeeded or not? How will you measure success?
Please list a quantifiable measures and note that attendance alone is often a poor measure. Attendance is easy to measure but doesn’t tell us WHY those who attended will be better off.

All applicants are required to upload an A4 poster as part of the application, as well as a 100 word event description for the newsletter and powerpoint slide (16x9) to go on the screens near reception in each building.

Write your 100 word event description for inclusion in the UniLodge Newsletter here:

e.g. Website, Facebook link, registration link

Have you included:
- Risk assessment, run sheet and budget
- Posters
- Newsletter Content
- PowerPoint Slide
- Timeline (runsheet if applicable)
- Any other information required

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