Caregiver of the Year Nomination

Thank you for nominating your amazing caregiver for the Caregiver of the Year. This program is intended to honor those caregivers of Right at Home who go above and beyond everyday. Your nomination is a testament to the quality of work this caregiver provides for Right at Home clients and families.

Please be thoughtful in your nomination and provide real life examples of how the caregiver qualifies in each category. Thank you for your time and participating in such a meaningful program. Please direct any questions to

**If you are not the franchise owner, please complete this section.

**If you are not the franchise owner, please complete this section.

**If you are not the franchise owner, please complete this section.

Please provide the address where you would like the Corporate office to mail Caregiver of the Year recognition certificates. This should be your office address, not the caregiver address.

Please answer each of the following questions in each of the categories below. Provide specific examples as much as possible. Examples provided have been taken from previous winning nominations. Use 1000 characters or less for each category.

For example, please use the word CAREGIVER when attempting to use he/she or proper names. Any submission that has proper names or gender identifying information will be disqualified.

As you complete this section, think about the attributes or qualities that make this caregiver extraordinary. These attributes can include a caregiver's behavior. Example: "Maintains a positive attitude at all times, even in challenging situations. Stands out in their caregiver peer group. Shows personal motivation to better themselves and develop new skills for the caregiving profession."

How has this caregiver provided an extraordinary client experience and improved the quality of life for those he/she serves? Example: "Caregiver not only completes assigned task list, but engages clients and gets them involved in the community. Just to name a few places caregiver has taken clients to: watch car races, etc."

What does this caregiver do to represent Right at Home as an employer and provider of choice in their community? Example: "When caregiver is out in the community, if there is someone that they meet that may need services, caregiver takes the time to talk about our services and provides them with a business card."

How does this caregiver serve as a mentor to their peers and put the goals of the team before themselves? Example: "Caregiver is the first to help with transportation when a caregiver needs a ride or someone in the office the same."

How has this caregiver risen above challenges during the pandemic in order to provide uninterrupted exceptional care for their clients? Example: "Caregiver was the first to volunteer to assist Covid clients, said caregiver is always the first to step up as a leader amongst their peers."

Thank you for your submission and participating in the Right at Home Caregiver of the Year Program!

Before you submit, please make sure the auto-fill feature does not submit your name. Thank you!

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