This form is to be used by customers wishing to send their donation request to the Perimeter Aviation donations team.

All requests are reviewed and assessed against Perimeter Aviation's Corporate Social Responsibilities pillars and may or may not be granted based on evidence provided by the requester and previous assistance given to the requester, organization and/or community.

Please fill out your name (First Name, Last Name)

This email is the only way the donations team can contact you back

Please identify the community that you (the requester) represents on this request.

Please type the full name of the organization that you represent. Incomplete names will make the evaluation of your request difficult and increase the chances of the request to be denied.

Personal requests are not authorized as they do not align with Perimeter's Corporate Social Responsibility pillars.

Please select the type of donation request you are submitting. Remember that requests are evaluated on a case by case basis and subject to a limited quota, keep this in mind as larger request are subject to higher scrutiny and restrictions.

Please select the Social Responsibility Pillar that better aligns with the donation you are requesting. You can find details about our pillars here

Type a brief description and details of your request including:

1. Number of discounted/complimentary tickets requested
2. Routing of those tickets or freight
3. Freight weight (if applicable)
4. The reasons WHY Perimeter should consider your request
5. The reasons WHY your request will help your community as part of Perimeter's 3 Corporate Social Responsibility Pillars

**Failure to proof your case here will result in your request to be denied**

For your request to be accepted for review, you must attach:

1. Either a copy of the request letter from your company/organization letterhead, or
2. A letter from your Chief and Council letterhead advocating for your event,
3. A copy of the poster or advertisement announcing the event you are organizing

**Phone pictures of these documents are accepted as long as they are legible**

**Failure to provide the requested documentation will result in your request to be denied**

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