50th Annual Call to Present: 2019 CASE Convention, Leadership Elevated

Please note that this form does not allow you to save your work. We recommend saving pertinent information in a Word Doc before completing the form.

Please complete the following information about your proposed breakout session for the 2019 CASE Convention. Breakout sessions are held on both Wednesday, July 24 and Thursday, July 25. Presenters may indicate availability within the form. Any questions about breakout sessions can be directed to Carrie Yantzer at cyantzer@co-case.org.

Session proposals are due by April 12. Session acceptance status is NOT available prior to May 8.

All sessions are 75 minutes in length.

The session title should be no longer than 8 words, and the description should be at least 75 words, but no longer than 100 words. Please submit a ready-to-publish (edited and final) description of your session, so that CASE can announce your session upon approval. Presenters will also have an opportunity to revise and provide final descriptions, should any significant changes be necessary.

Please indicate which of the following audiences are most appropriate for your session. The department(s) indicated will have the opportunity to review and approve the sessions, so it is important to tailor your choices below carefully, and it is highly recommended you do not select "all departments" unless it is truly a universal topic (e.g., leadership, change management, etc.)

Please note that sessions that can demonstrate an interactive format are more likely to be given stronger consideration than those that are purely lecture-based.

If there is another session with a similar topic to yours, are you open to sharing a breakout session?

No more than 5 total presenters (the contact presenter and 4 co-presenters) may be included on a presentation without express permission from CASE. Outstanding presenter information is due at the time of acceptance. Please note that sessions with "TBD" in more than one presenter slot will not be considered.

Please note our commercial partners are required to co-present with a school or district administrator. Sessions submitted without meeting this criteria will not be considered.

Please indicate what category best applies to you if you selected other.

What are the learning outcomes or objectives for your session?

Does this session have an additional corresponding session that will build on content presented that you plan to submit?

Your flexibility is appreciated.

Will you be promoting a specific product or service?

This is optional, however, we recommend including a biography if you are not familiar with or to the CASE community. For example, if you are an educational consultant, have worked primarily outside Colorado, or are a commercial partner, we recommend you upload a brief biography (no more than 250 words).

Please double check all email addresses! CASE is not responsible for errors in email addresses causing a delay in acceptance notifications or other important communications.

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