Tell us about your Customer-In Win

How do you know if your story is a Customer-in Win?

Basically, if the solution changed the way the customer does business, the way they interact with their customers, employees or processes it probably is a Customer-in Win.

Did it simply help IT to become more proficient? This is a good win for sure, but it's probably not a Customer-in Win. .

Another note: please wait until the solution has deployed before submitting your win story.

Contact me at with any questions. Thanks!!

What reseller(s) or integrator(s) worked on this win?

What do they do? What is their size? Region? Country?

Who identified the deal? Did the ISV allow Cisco to access a new LOB budget? What were the compelling reasons to engage with this ISV?

Who made the buy decision at the customer? Was it a line-of-business decisionmaker? What was the line-of-business?

List the products and services from the partner(s) and Cisco

What could they do that they couldn't do before?

Be as specific as possible. Percentage revenue increase? Business expansion? Productivity increased by X? Security protected against X number of attacks? Or......?

Please choose from the dropdown list

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Please choose the FY/quarter for the deal win/close date from the dropdown list

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What NEW BUSINESS was generated for Cisco?

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