MTAC Lunar (2019) Event Application

Thank you for your interest in running a volunteer fan panel at MTAC!

Please submit the following brief form to tell us about the event you wish to run. We will follow up with the contact listed below sometime in mid- to late-January.

Panel submissions will end on December 31, 2018.

Please note the following before you submit:

---This form is meant only for volunteer programming panelists. Our Talent Relations team handles all VIP and paid guests.

---The ability to have food/drink during cooking or cultural panels is unlikely due to venue food regulations. Please have a back-up plan in case it is not possible during the convention, but certainly ask for what you would like and we will check. (Please no Maid Cafe submissions at this time.)

---If you plan to submit a scripted panel or event (i.e. a murder mystery or re-enactment), be prepared to submit your script to our programming staff for review. None will be accepted without a script to review.

---If you wish to apply as a local musical artist, we will have a separate band application later this year linked on our website and through social media. Please keep an eye out for it.

Thank you, and happy submitting!

This is the name people will see in the app or on the paper schedule. Be descriptive of the content of the panel so people looking at the paper schedule will know what the panel is about, e.g., Attack on Titan Fan Panel. Under 50 characters is ideal.

This text describes your panel within the app and website calendar schedule. Be concise with 2 or 3 sentences to tell the public about your panel content and make them want to show up.

Select the area you feel your event fits the most in.

Keep in mind:
-Any panel in the Chibi (Children's) Track is expected to be all ages appropriate and aimed at children 12 and under.
-Any panel with cursing, gore/violence, or sexually suggestive/explicit content will be in the Adult Track.
-Any panel not in the Adult Track is expected to be PG or under. No cursing during the panel.

Typical equipment provided will be an audio system and either projector with a VGA or HDMI connection and projection screen or a TV. We will be using these answers to determine any additional equipment we can provide at the event, such as DVD players.

What day should we try to schedule your event? (We will do our best to honor this, but it is not guaranteed.)

What time of day should we try to schedule your event? (We will do our best to honor this, but keep in mind that nearly all hours from 10pm-2am are Adult track.)

If you OR a co-panelist
---cannot be at con on [day of week] until after [specific time] because of [school, work, etc.], OR
---want to participate in [another con event, such as the cosplay or lip sync contests], OR
---cannot be scheduled at the same time [as some other panelist who is also participating in MTAC],

then please tell us here so we can schedule you around these issues.

Will you have co-panelists?

Provide any additional details about your panel we may need to know that are not covered by the fields above. What do you plan to do during your panel? (Do you need tables in the room? Do you need chairs cleared for dance space? Will you need extra time to clean up a mess at the end? Is it interactive or discussion? etc.)

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