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As the federal Opportunity Zone program is implemented, the Government of the District of Columbia will help to educate stakeholders and facilitate OZ investments that bring needed amenities and jobs to residents of DC’s designated opportunity zones.

If you are interested in investing in DC’s Opportunity Zones or attracting investment to DC’s Opportunity Zones, sign up to receive updates.

DC’s nominated Opportunity Zones are viewable here. https://dcgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=5e1edb3877c947f88041069123bd0fe0

How do you plan to engage in the Opportunity Zones program? Select all that apply.

A. As an Opportunity Fund Manager: I plan to create an Opportunity Fund.

B. As a Project Sponsor: I own land, commercial property or a business located in a designated OZ in DC and would like to receive investment from Opportunity Funds.

C. As an Intermediary: I plan to provide professional services (i.e. legal, financial, consulting) to fund managers, project sponsors, or investors.

D. As an investor: I would like to invest in an Opportunity Fund.

E. As a community stakeholder: I am a community leader, resident or other stakeholder with ideas to share.

In DC, what types of investments do you see as most viable or attractive through the OZ program? i.e. How do you expect it to be applied?

How could the District government be helpful to your work related to opportunity zones?

In which DC Opportunity Zones do you have what will be considered qualified Opportunity Zone stock, partnership interest, or business property? (e.g. commercial buildings, equipment, tangible property). List all that apply. DC's nominated OZ census tracts are here: https://dcgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=5e1edb3877c947f88041069123bd0fe0

Do you have any specific projects you are targeting OZ investment? If so, please list.

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