Export Portal Country Brand Ambassador Initial Questions

Thank you to all who have responded on LinkedIn about Export Portal's Country Brand Ambassador position.

Export Portal has an ambitious plan to visit many countries in the near future and your responses will help us decide which country deserves the most attention and which person we should take on to be our local trade and Export Portal expert. To learn more about who we are

If you need to learn more before responding, you can learn more about us here:

Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClFAlsiSScHTiwpAoDjFWuA/videos?disable_polymer=1

...or the multitude of other places we exist online.

Thanks in advance,

The Export Portal Development, Marketing and Management Team

Please upload a professionally completed document in English (Please include and links and explanation you believe necessary) here or fill in your answers below.

Please let us know what upcoming trade related (Or other) events you would like to attend in 2018 on Export Portal's behalf.

Please let us know about your knowledge of the mSME groups, entrepreneurial groups and government organizations or officials that you know or have connections to.

Choose a current trade, business or government related issue your country has and what should be done to make exports or imports easier.
You can also upload your answer via a separate document above, should you prefer.

What do you want for your community and country ?

The world is getting more and more savvy about how they promote themselves. Please feel free to upload a video if you like. Subject is totally up to you.

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