Formal Grievance Form

This form is to be used by students who have a Formal Grievance and who have been unable to resolve this informally with the person(s) concerned as per the Grievance Handling Policy and Procedure (Academic and Non-Academic). Providing the information below will assist EQUALS staff to address your concerns in a timely manner.

Failure to provide the requested information may result in a delay in processing your grievance.

Please note, students must submit this Formal Grievance Form within 10 working days after completion of the informal complaints process, as described in the abovementioned Policy.

Please choose one.

An Appeal is an application by a student for reconsideration of an unfavourable decision or finding during training and/or assessment. Appeals must be lodged within 20 working days of the decision or finding is informed to the student.

The policy applies regardless of the location of the campus of the Institute at which the complaint has arisen, the student’s place of residence or the mode in which they study.

The following documentation must be included (or attached) with this form:

1. A detailed statement that includes:

a. Summary of grievance (date, department, names of persons involved, location of incident (if applicable)

b. Previous steps taken to informally resolve this grievance

c. Reasons for lodging grievance

d. Expectations of EQUALS' response


2. Please attach documentary evidence to support your grievance.

(Should you need additional space, please attach your response to this form)

You may upload relevant evidence here.

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