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Please fill out the form to submit all required Expression of Interest information.

For each investigator involved with this study please provide name, title, and email contact. Please denote lead PI.

Denote Lead PI and Co-PI(s) if applicable

Please list the preferred telephone contact number, and contact person's name

Please list any collaborating institutions and provide a point of contact (name and email address) associated with each.

Also describe the level of engagement, if any, you had with the national or sub-national NTD program and/or local researcher when developing this study proposal.

Where will this study take place?

Please choose one. If more than one option applies, please make a note in the “Thematic Area Comments” section.

If the Thematic Area is Social Science, explain if the study is Formative Research or an Intervention Study in the "Thematic Area Comments" section.

If the Thematic Area is Diagnostics, list the diagnostic tool(s) to be evaluated in the "Diagnostics to be Evaluated" section.

Please choose one associated Research Priority for this work.

If the Thematic Area is Diagnostics, please list which diagnostic tool(s) will be evaluated.

Please describe the problem, citing any evidence from previous research or program data.

Approximately 1 page maximum. If you require more space, please attach a supporting document at the end of this form.

For each research question listed above, please discuss the specific qualitative and quantitative methods and data collection tools to be used.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Children, Adult Women, Adult Men, Nomads, Migrants, CDDs, the Disabled, the Elderly, Urban Slum Dwellers, etc.

For each research question listed above, briefly describe the data analysis plan, what indicators will be used, and how results will be interpreted.

Briefly describe the proposed study deliverables.

If this study plans to use electronic data collection, please list the platform (e.g.: ODK, REDCap, LINKS) and please note if NTD-SC support is needed.

Please include a total budget numerical figure only.

Please provide a brief overview of the study budget.

List co-funder(s), if any exist, and describe their contribution(s) to this study.

As applicable, please attach the following supporting documents:
1. NTDSC Budget excel file (template available via email)
2. Protocol
3. Conceptual Framework/Theory of Change for this study as an image or document

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