Volunteer Registration SY 2018-2019

We look forward to working with you soon!

Please remember to inform the school representative about your interest to volunteer and before completing this form please confirm with them the opportunities your wish to serve at the school.

If you are not certain as to where you would like to volunteer please contact Judith Lozada at judith.lozada@clevelandmetroschools.org and we will contact you with possible opportunities that can match your interest.

Please list only locations where you have an assignment and it has been approved by a school representative.

Please list only locations where you have an assignment and it has been approved by a school representative.

Please provide name and last name with phone number of a person over 18 yrs. of age. Thank you!

Are you required by the school representative to complete a high-level security check known as a BCI/FBI fingerprint check?

Only answer if you will be coming to CMSD's Safety and Security Office located at 1349 E. 79th Street, Cleveland 44103. Cost is $46 payable with a money order.
Check for hours and time.

If you are not required by the school to have a High-level Security check you must complete a low-level security check in order to volunteer at the school. Please remember if you are a member of a Community Group there will be a cost of $10 to complete this check. College students will not be charged for this check.

This check will always allow you to serve under staff supervision. Please let us know if you will consent to a low-level security check by Verified Volunteers. If you consent, please remember to sign your electronic signature in the next section.

This check only includes a criminal check in national databases. CMSD does not check credit scores with consumer reporting agencies. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District's Volunteer Guidelines reserves the right to address the individual situation of a volunteer with a felony conviction.

Please indicate the approximate date you moved in to your listed address.

Please remember to sign if you wish for CMSD to complete this check for you. Thank you!

I agree to abide by all relevant Board policies and administrative guidelines while on duty for the District (including, but not limited to, the volunteer's obligation to keep confidential and not release or permit access to any and all student personally identifiable information to which s/he is exposed except as authorized by law).

I understand that, although I am covered under the District's liability insurance policy, I am not covered by its health insurance policy nor am I eligible for workers' compensation. Should I become ill or suffer an accident while doing volunteer work for the District, I agree that I shall be responsible for any and all hospital and medical charges that may accrue.

I understand further that, as a volunteer, I am not in any manner considered an employee of the District or entitled to any benefits provided to employees. I further release the Board of Education from any and all liability for any damages, whatever their nature, which may result as a consequence of my volunteer services.

All volunteers need to display appropriate behavior at all times. All volunteers who work or apply to work unsupervised with children will be required to provide a set of fingerprints so that a criminal records check can be conducted.

The District is committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of all student records and/or student personally identifiable information. As an approved volunteer in the District, you may have access to student records and/or student personally identifiable information that must be maintained as confidential and not released and/or permitted access to except as authorized by Board policy and law. Violations of this duty may result in a reassignment and/or restriction of your volunteer responsibilities by the building principal or designee.
Volunteers must comply with the following:
•All student records are considered confidential.
•Directory information including the student's name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially-recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received and previous educational agencies or institutions attended, can only be shared with administrative approval.
•Records may not be left in a place where they can be viewed by others.
•Copies of records may only be shared with administrative approval.
•Volunteers may not discuss or repeat information overheard while in the staff lounge, classrooms, offices, school grounds, hallways, school or extra-curricular activities.
•Volunteers may not discuss information obtained while in a classroom, such as a student's grade or behavior, with anyone other than the student's teacher or the building principal.
•Concerns or questions regarding student records or issues of confidentiality should be brought to the attention of the staff member responsible for supervising your activities and/or the building principal.
•Any knowledge of a violation of these provisions must be immediately reported to the staff member responsible for supervising your activities and/or the building principal.

By signing below you acknowledge that you have read and understood, and agree to comply with the terms and conditions set forth above.
Please provide your full name as your electronic signature:

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